The pace of change of Europe’s power transition was outlined by Ineke Dezentjé Hamming-Bluemink, President of FME, the Dutch Employers’ Association, at POWER-GEN Europe.Ineke Dezentjé Hamming-Bluemink

Speaking at the Opening Keynote Ceremony in Amsterdam, she said that a company “can no longer make a 10-year business plan – you must now review your strategy every month. It’s eat or be eaten.”

Stressing that “the most sustainable type of energy is the energy that you don’t use”, she said Dutch power firms had a key role to play in the electricity transition, but warned that the sector “must rise to the challenges”.

She urged companies to “leave your comfort zone and exploit new opportunities” and stated that those that survive would be “the ones that can best adapt”.

And she outlined a four-point plan for Europe to make its energy transition a success: a realistic global price for carbon; a level playing field for all technology in Europe; an integrated approach to the energy transition featuring “smart co-operation; and stable energy policies.