EIS Alliance says CEMS essential for smart grid implementation

The US Energy Information Standards Alliance (EIS Alliance) has released a white paper that states Customer Energy Management Systems (CEMS) will be at the heart of systems that manage home and building energy consumption and interactions with the smart grid.

David Bunzel, executive director of the EIS Alliance, said: “CEMS offer proven technology that is also the lowest-cost, most flexible and most secure approach to interacting with the smart grid.

“Combining CEMS with a smarter electrical grid will unlock a new generation of savings that could easily exceed $1,000bn by 2020.”

Dorothy Stanley, head of standards strategy for Aruba Networks, said: “Interoperability and security are watchwords in smart grid and energy control systems, and CEMS can leverage secure wireless IT networks.

“For cost reasons and interoperability, Wi-Fi is a leading choice because it provides tremendous flexibility with respect to CEMS deployment options, and allows integrators to leverage thousands of certified interoperable products in support of a broad range of energy control applications.”

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