Dutch firm opens Smart Grid testing lab in US

A Smart Grid technology testing laboratory has been opened in the US by Netherlands-headquartered technical consultants Kema.

Hugo van Nispen, managing director for Kema Americas, claimed the facility was “the only impartial interoperability lab in the world” and said it was set up to take “industry-leading smart grid technologies and put them to the test from a functionality, compliance and interoperability perspective”.

The laboratory in Kentucky has been given a vote of approval by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology. Its national co-ordinator for Smart Grid interoperability, George Arnold, said compared the evolution of the Smart Grid with that of the internet.

“One of the most important enablers that made the internet possible was a robust, flexible framework of interoperability standards that allowed countless different types of devices to communicate end-to-end, work together and exchange information. That is the vision for the Smart Grid.”

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