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Above Surveying flies into solar inspection market

UK solar developer Push Energy has joined forces with camera drone manufacturer Buzzflyer to form Above Surveying, an aerial thermographic inspection service company specialising in solar PV.

Above Surveying says that it combines its self-developed technology and unmanned aerial vehicle platform, “unique inspection method and specially-designed analysis software to provide an accurate, consistent and valuable service which goes beyond the limits of traditional ground-based thermography and eyeball inspection typically relied upon throughout the industry”.Above Surveying solar inspection

The company says its technology allows asset owners and O&M technicians “to quickly understand, pinpoint and resolve anomalies and defects across vast areas of solar panels, so ensuring optimum performance”.

Above Surveying’s Geo-referencing Aerial Pyranometer (GAP) technology ” which is patent pending ” allows the company to capture irradiance data which is then combined with thermographic imagery and temperature gradient information to categorise changes and defects “right down to the cell level across an entire solar plant”.

The company claims this brings a new level of precision to aerial thermographic surveying.

Above Surveying managing director Will Hitchcock said: “Our experience shows that even a solar plant with zero string errors and a healthy performance ratio will almost certainly have a surprising number of defective modules. Our unique technology allows us to identify and categorise these defects with speed and efficiency so they can be addressed and optimum performance restored.”