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All news, projects, startups, policy and regulations relating to the use of drone technology in the power generation and renewable energy spaces, relating to using drone technology to inspect wind turbines and solar farms.

Vestas extends Sulzer & Schmid’s new drone tech in Asia-Pacific

Sulzer & Schmid announced that Vestas has extended the use of its new DJI drone-based blade inspection technology to offer enhanced inspection services across wind farms in the Asia-Pacific region.

Swedish drone firm wins Iberdrola startup challenge

Swedish drone company firm Skyqraft has won a startup challenge called Resilience to Natural Disasters run by Spanish utility Iberdrola.

Powerful AI augments fault detection on wind turbines

An artificial intelligence (AI) engine has been developed to automatically detect rotor blade damages on wind turbines, and aims to improve the productivity and consistency of blade inspection processes by recognizing damages based on inspection image material.

Drones and AI to inspect 1250 wind turbines

A massive drone-based blade inspection on 1250 wind turbines in Scandinavia is to be carried out in less than 12 weeks.

Op-ed: POWER-GEN at 30 strives for Simply Irresistible

How does one describe the pace of change within the electric power generation mix now from three short decades ago?

Siemens launches UAV with AI technology for line inspections

Siemens today launched an unmanned aerial vehicle technology that incorporates artificial intelligence “to bring inspection of transmission lines to the next level”.  

Electrify Europe – a convergence of industry and ideas

After a quarter of a century, Europe’s most recognized annual power industry event takes on a new name and new mission.

Drone-based power asset inspection firm focuses on AI

Power asset inspection solutions firm AirFusion claims it can replace most human analysis of the data gathered by a drone with artificial intelligence. 

Pioneering drone project set to pay dividends for UK utilities

A new project in the UK is exploring how drone technology can be of benefit to the country’s power network infrastructure.

OUT NOW: Europe energy issue has more articles than ever before

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