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Customer privacy protected in UK’s new Smart Meter law

The UK government have confirmed new rules to protect consumer privacy ahead of metering roll-outs.

Energy suppliers are set to visit 30 million homes and small businesses in Britain and replace over 53 million electricity and gas meters, between 2014 and 2019.
Baroness Verma
The government confirmed that suppliers will not be able to use smart meter energy consumption data for marketing purposes without the consent of customers.

Consumers will also be able to choose how often energy suppliers can access their consumption data.

Energy and Climate Change Minister Baroness Verma said, “Let me be clear: the consumer comes first. That’s why we are tackling issues such as privacy, security, consumer protection and communications now, working with industry and consumer groups to make sure we get this right ahead of the mass rollout.”

The proposals ensure that consumers and suppliers would use the energy data provided by smart meters in the best way possible.

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