Following last week’s blackout that affected half of India’s population, the Ministry of Power is proposing to conduct independent audits of the country’s electricity transmission system within the next three months.

According to a report in the Hindustan Times, the decision was made at a meeting earlier this week, which was chaired by P. Uma Shankar, the power secretary.

Attendees included members of the Central Electricity Authority and the Central Electricity Regulatory Commission, as well as Power Grid of India Limited’s chairman and managing director R. N. Nayak, representatives of Power Operation System Company Limited and officials from eight of the Northern states.

In addition to the decision on conducting independent third party audits of the grid protection systems, it was also agreed to establish an effective plan to ensure the integrated operations of the national and regional grids in adherence with the Indian Electricity Grid Code.

It was also decided at the meeting that all utilities must adopt best operation and maintenance practices, and would be subject to random checks by regional power committees.

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