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Asia – Electric Power News Briefs

is a major issue for the country’s electricity supply. By transmitting electricity from the western region to the east, China is able to optimize the nationwide distribution of energy resources. According to official statistics, 68 per cent of China’s hydropower resources are clustered in southwest China’s Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan and Tibet, but very little available in the energy-short east, central and south China areas.

China’s State Power Corporation has announced plans to take further steps to standardise the market behaviour this year. The company has committed to designate no designing units, or construction units or procurement agents or project supervisors. Instead, it put all these to open bidding and market forces, according to SPC general manager Gao Yan.

The Yunnan Datang Honghe Power Co. Ltd, a new power construction joint venture, has been founded recently in Kunming, capital of southwest China’s Yunnan Province. Jointly launched by the Beijing Datang Power Co., Ltd, the Yunnan Power Group Co., Ltd, the Xiaolongtan Mining Administration, the Yunnan Development and Investment Co., Ltd and the Honghe Cigarette Factory, the joint venture will mainly undertake to construct and develop power plants and offer consulting service on power technology.

Experts in the Chinese electricity industry have set out a list of five priority areas for China’s development of the power sector in the country’s west:

— Cascade hydropower development in the upper reaches of the Yellow River and making northwest China an important national base for power load regulation.

— Trans-regional connection of power grids to facilitate power transmission to the eastern part of the country.

— Optimizing the distribution and structure of power sources and developing the thermal power bases in the northern part of Shaanxi Province and in the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region.

— Stepping up construction of power grids, especially high voltage transmission lines.

— Speeding up power development in Xinjiang and promoting economic development and social stability in the region.

Indonesia plans to introduce a new taxation system for foreign investors in the oil and gas sector, based on the interest of the country as well as profit margins of the investors. Kardaya Warnika, an expert staff on economic issues to the Energy and Mineral Resources Minister, hinted at the possibility of new schemes of taxation in the sector on Thursday.

Daewoo Construction Co. has announced that it has won a $237 million order from Shell Petroleum Development of Nigeria Ltd. to build a gas plant in swamplands in the Cawthorne Channel of eastern Nigeria. The company said the order is part of the $340 million deal that Daewoo almost clinched in March from the African company.

The Philippine Provincial Boards of Albay and Catanduanes have endorsed the proposed Small Island Grid Interconnections Project of the National Power Corporation. This project will connect selected small islands to the main grid at the Tiwi power plant at Tiwi, Albay.