5 November 2002 – Alstom has launched PIX, a new range of medium-voltage switchgear that is flexible enough to be used for a wide range of applications in any country in the world.

The new air-insulated switchgear range can be used for configurations between 3kV and 25kV and incorporates the latest in internal arc containment. The system ensures that, in the rare case of an internal arc, damage is restricted to the compartment where it occurs.

The PIX design team was drawn from Alstom sites all over the world, bringing together the accumulated expertise of the company from many countries over many years in order to create a truly global platform. The best technologies from each site have been incorporated into PIX to create a flexible range suitable for a wide variety of applications in any country. PIX meets or exceeds all the relevant IEC, ANSI and PEHLA standards as well as many other national standards.

As part of its flexible design, PIX can be fitted with circuit breakers or contactors using either the latest in-house vacuum or SF6 technology. The vacuum circuit breakers can be fitted either with Alstom’s operating system or with the latest development in this field, the AMD magnetic actuator.

PIX cubicles incorporate digital protection and control relays from the company’s MiCOM range, which can be configured according to customer requirements. PIX can be easily integrated into any overall control and monitoring system. The cubicles have been ergonomically designed with ease of access, operator safety and space saving in mind.

“PIX is the culmination of more than 75 years of experience in medium-voltage switchgear in countries all over the world. Our new range is global, flexible and exploits the latest and best in technology,” said Rene Ricard, Senior Vice President of the Medium Voltage business within Alstom’s Transmission & Distribution Sector.