Abengoa of Spain has recently won three power transmission concessions in an auction organised by Aneel, Brazil’s national electricity regulatory agency.

Anengoa’s first concession is to build and operate four transmission lines, with a total distance of 2900 km, and two substations in the states of Tocantins, Piaui, Bahia and Maranhao.

The second one is to construct a 286 km transmission line and two substations in municipalities in the states of Ceara, Paraiba and Rio Grande do Norte.

While the third award is to build and operate a single 379 km transmission link between the Estreito and Itabirito 2 stations in the state of Minas Gerais.

According to Abengoa, the projects will be worth approximately EUR1bn ($1.3bn)

The projects are expected to begin in March 2013 and come into operation in Q1 2016.

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