ABB in CHP alarm contract with EON

E.ON’s Swedish subsidiary has awarded a contract to ABB in relation to alarm systems at a new CHP plant on the outskirts of Stockholm.

ABB will oversee alarm management at the CHP Hàƒ¶gbytorp site and is also tasked with ensuring compliance with the latest industry standards and guidance.

ABB will be involved in reviewing and shaping the design of alarms proposed for the site and evaluating E.ON’s existing approach to alarm systems. It will also run training sessions for staff and suppliers. The contract is expected to run until the end of 2019.

E.ON is investing almost $295m in the 25 MW waste-to-energy plant in northwest Stockholm, made up of the CHP facility and a biogas plant.
The site is adjacent to a recycling centre, making it a ‘closed loop’ waste-to-energy system.à‚ The biogas facility is expected to become operational next year, withà‚ the CHPà‚ plant on track to open in 2019, producingà‚ electricity and heat for Stockholm.

ABB said that integral to the project will be its AlarmInsightà‚®à‚ software suite, which allow users to access an alarm system’s record and view its performance in real time, pattern matching and other sophisticated algorithms that predict performance and measure dependency.

ABB senior alarm management consultant Aatif Hashmi explained: “We believe good alarm system performance cannot be provided only by technology. Equally, it cannot be sustained solely by the engagement of external consultants and vendors. Good, sustained, performance is achievable through informed and motivated management of the system by the system owner.”

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