2G Group announces new CHP power plant in Florida

2G CENERGY Power Systems Technologies Inc has announced that it received more US based orders during the past few months than during the entire fiscal years of 2010 and 2011 combined.

As a result of this success, 2G has decided to establish a US production facility in St. Augustine, Florida, where it will start to produce its advanced modular CHP (combined heat & power) clean energy conversion systems for all North & South American markets.

2G cogeneration facility

The decision is considered to be a major component of the company’s overall US strategy to enforce its customer service commitment, further increasing its competitiveness, and rapidly growing its American customer base.

“The US. CHP cogeneration market is an important part of our group strategy and we are now very vigorously accessing that market,” said Michael Turwitt, President & CEO of 2G-CENERGY. “The 2G Group will be extremely active here, and this new U.S. manufacturing plant represents a milestone in 2G’s history.

Our growing number of U.S. orders justifies this multi-million dollar investment. We are already very successfully selling our modular biogas and natural gas CHP systems all over the U.S., and this new production site will play a key role. Advanced and all-in-one CHP modules are an important prerequisite for the implementation of new cogeneration projects.

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