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Solo Energy hires former Tesla Energy boss

UK company Solo Energy has hired ex-Tesla boss Ben Hill as commercial and technical advisor.

Tesla battery requested for US wind energy project

Deepwater Wind has announced a request made to Tesla Energy to supply what would be the the world's biggest offshore wind-battery proposal to date. The...

Mexican solar and Tesla top Q1 clean energy investment

Global clean energy investment was $53.6bn in the first quarter of this year, down 17 per cent from the same period in 2016.

PEI Connect: Is Europe facing an energy crisis?

High gas prices and low renewable energy yield and could prove challenging for Europe, as the region heads for chilly winter months.

PEI Connect: ‘Watershed moment’ for fusion energy

Researchers are calling it a "watershed moment" for nuclear fusion, with a record-breaking magnet successfully creating a magnetic field of 20 tesla.

Webcast Recording: Energy storage applications

Register to attend this webinar to understand which energy storage use cases are seeing widespread adoption.

Tesla secures funding for Australia’s largest virtual power plant

The funding will be used by Tesla to install battery and rooftop solar systems for 3,000 residential consumers in South Australia.

PG&E and TESLA start building 182MW battery storage system

Moss Landing will be the largest utility-owned, li-ion battery energy storage system in the world.

Toronto-based energy storage firm acquired by Blackstone

Private equity giant Blackstone has announced that funds within its Energy Partners division acquired a Toronto-based developer of battery storage solutions.

Tesla battery in Hornsdale, Australia to undergo a 50 MW expansion

After a successful two years of playing a critical role in maintaining grid security, the world's largest battery is set to receive a significant...