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It’s time to place a macro bet on nuclear fusion

The problem with fusion is that its feasibility and near-term deployment timeline are still questioned, yet, two experiments have produced tens of MW of fusion power as early as in the mid-1990's.

Chevron expands low-carbon energy portfolio with nuclear fusion startup investment

Chevron Corporation has announced a Series A investment in Seattle-based nuclear fusion startup Zap Energy Inc

ITER: Assembly begins at the world’s largest nuclear fusion plant

The machine assembly phase symbolically kicked off with President Macron of France and dignitaries from the seven ITER Members acknowledging the importance of the moment.

Nuclear fusion update: Start-ups enter race for the sun

Nuclear fusion has captured the imagination of scientists, science fiction writers and the broader public, writes members of the Renaissance Fusion

Jacobs extends engagement with UK, French-based nuclear fusion research projects

Energy consulting, engineering and construction services firm Jacobs has won more than $25m in contracts focused on research into nuclear fusion in Europe.

EU signs nuclear fusion pact with Japan

The European Union's Energy Commissioner Kadri Simson has signed a joint declaration with Japan on collaboration in the field of fusion energy.

ITER awards $200m Tokamak nuclear fusion contract

The ITER Organization, which is building the world's largest nuclear fusion energy R&D plant in France, has awarded a €200m ($219m) contract for the...

Mott MacDonald in nuclear fusion collaboration

UK-based First Light Fusion and international engineering group Mott MacDonald are collaborating on a commercial nuclear fusion reactor.

U.S. DOE injects $14 million into nuclear fusion research

A major goal of the research is to develop methods of sustaining steady-state or continuous operation of fusion reactors, an essential step toward eventually making nuclear fusion a practical energy source. 

Work starts on UK nuclear fusion facility

Scientists have started to build Britain's largest privately-owned nuclear fusion facility.