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Linked-in Discussion – Hinkley Point C

Austria, a collective of German green energy companies, and imminently Luxembourg are challenging the decision that facilitates the Hinkley Point C nuclear power project. But is this resistance ultimately a futile exercise? Opinions welcome on Power Engineering International LinkedIn Group.

Legal objections to Hinkley Point C remain

To add to an already complex situation, countries legally objecting to a European Commission decision to facilitate the construction of Hinkley Point C, a new nuclear power plant in the UK, have confirmed they are determined to pursue their case.

Hinkley Point C deal set to be formalised

The British and French governments are set to formally sign the deal to progress with Hinkley Point C nuclear power plant today, two months to the day since Prime Minister Theresa May postponed the initial UK decision.

Approval granted for Hinkley Point C power line

The British government gave the go-ahead on Tuesday for a power line project at the Hinkley Point C nuclear plant, part of the infrastructure needed for power transmission at the station.

EDF chief admits Hinkley Point C to be delayed

Jean-Bernard Levy, EDF's chief executive, has confirmed that the proposed Hinkley Point C nuclear power plant has been delayed and will not start generating power in 2023 as planned.

Analysis: Hinkley Point C nuclear power plant

The signing of a deal between EDF and China General Nuclear Power Corporation on Hinkley Point C is almost the final piece of the new nuclear jigsaw that the UK has been trying to put together for a decade.

Lawsuits lurk despite Hinkley Point C progress

Despite the enthusiasm greeting yesterday's Hinkley Point C investment announcement, there still remains the matter of lawsuits filed by the Austrian government, Greenpeace Energy and nine German and Austrian utilities.

UN makes request to pause Hinkley Point C

A committee of the United Nations has asked the UK government to put the development of the Hinkley Point C nuclear power plant on hold until a pending assessment of the environmental impact of the facility is completed.

Construction contracts signed for Hinkley Point C

EDF has finally signed contracts with the companies who will construct the Hinkley Point C nuclear power plant.

EDF engineers urge delay for Hinkley Point C

EDF's engineers have circulated a paper to all executives internally counselling against developing the Hinkley Point C nuclear power project.