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Not all storage solutions are created equal

Understanding the different methods of energy storage allows us to glimpse the shape of our future energy system. Hans Maghon of Siemens Energy explains.

The future of the conventional power plant in India

Watch this session to find answers to India's most pressing energy issues.

‘Growing Green’ strategy to expand RWE’s renewables capacity to 50GW by 2030

RWE's 'Growing Green' strategy will see an investment of €50bn in clean energy capacity by 2030 to ensure energy security and decarbonisation.

Indian province pushes off-grid policy

The Indian province of Maharashtra is looking to unveil an off-grid policy, in order to relieve the burden on conventional power plants.

German conventional power output drops; biggest losses for gas

A new report on power generation in Germany has found output from renewables overtaking that of the nation's conventional power plants.  

Germany moves closer to resolving loss-making power plants issue

An official at the German ministry for energy has confirmed that the government is getting closer to finalising a strategy designed to keep conventional power plants open.

Middle East stalls conventional power contracts in favour of renewables

Renewable contract awards in 2021 have eclipsed deals for conventional power plant projects in the Middle East as the region’s energy diversification agenda gathers pace.

Siemens chief calls for change in market mechanism

Lothar Balling of Siemens has called for governments to get to grips with the importance of maintaining conventional power plants in response to the unreliability of renewable power.

RWE creates new company for European conventional plants

Energy company RWE has bundled all of its conventional power plants in Germany, the UK and The Netherlands into a new firm called RWE Generation.

More conventional power needed says German energy boss

Europe will require significant investment in conventional power plant capacity to complement and backup the increasing deployment of intermittent generation, according to the boss of one of Europe's biggest energy companies.