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Europe to persist with anti-dumping measures on Chinese solar

The European Commission has rejected an appeal to scrap anti-dumping duties imposed on Chinese solar firms in 2013.

US solar industry fears Chinese retaliation

A decision on whether to impose anti-dumping measures on Chinese solar manufacturers is expected to be made shortly by the US Department of Commerce.

Solar trade war heats up as China set to probe EU poly imports

China looks set to retaliate against EU moves to impede Chinese solar panel imports by launching an anti-dumping campaign into imports of polysilicon material from the EU.

China announces probe into EU solar

Beijing has announced that they will launch an anti-dumping investigation into EU solar products, specifically imported European Union solar-grade polysilicon.

China targets 70 GW of solar by 2017

China has announced plans to step up its domestic solar power development, aiming for 70 GW of installed capacity by 2017. 

Beijing urges talks as India ponders new solar panel investigation

Already on the receiving end of probes in the US and Europe, the Chinese government may now be subject to fresh anti-dumping investigations, this time by India.

Chinese attempt to get around harsh US tariffs

Solar panel manufacturers in China are to source components from Taiwan in an attempt to sidestep US anti-dumping tariffs of at least 31 per cent announced by the US department of commerce last week.

China threatens EU with retaliation as solar dispute rolls on

China is urging the European Union not to impose tariffs on Chinese solar power products, and is keen to take a negotiated approach to the spat.

Annual revenue for global wind turbine supply chain predicted to hit $600bn

The global wind turbine supply chain is expected to generate up to $600 billion per annum between 2020 and 2028, according to Wood Mackenzie.

EU decision on Chinese solar dumping investigation to be made at end of 2013

Despite the objections of German chancellor Angela Merkel and the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, the European Commission have begun their investigation into alleged Chinese solar panel dumping practices.