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Smart technology a ‘no brainer’ for an optimal power sector

When Power Engineering International spoke to Jens Madrian earlier this year he was enthused about the potential of smart technology and the possibilities arising for the power sector. We caught up with him again this week when Reactive Energy's Grid Data Measurement System was unveiled.

Mixed fortunes for power deal players

The landscape of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) within the global power utilities market is changing like never before.

An old tool rediscovered to address new grid challenges

Synchronous condenser technology is enjoying a rebirth because, as more renewables are integrated to grids, it is one of the most effective means to maintain grid quality and fault support, writes Csaba Szabo

POWER-GEN Asia: power sector hot topics

The integration of renewables and the future role of nuclear in the ASEAN region were two of the main talking points at POWER-GEN Asia in Bangkok last month.

UK power market reform: Too much too soon?

UK Energy Secretary Chris Huhne’s ‘seismic’ plans for Electricity Market Reform (EMR), announced last December, were in hindsight trumpeted with a few ill-chosen words. Just three months later a very real seismic event in Japan was to violently shake efforts to redraw the map of power provision for a low-carbon future including nuclear power.

Hot topics in Europe’s energy transition debate

The discussions during a recent European energy summit held in London could potentially be summed up by the titles of several of the presentations: 'Where have we gone wrong and what should we do now?', 'The inconvenient truth of European energy policy', and 'The wasteland of European energy policies and regulation'.

Europe’s nuclear renaissance: stalled or speeding ahead?

Is the hype over a so-called European ‘nuclear renaissance’ just that – hype? Deputy Editor and conference director of PennWell’s new conference and exhibition Nuclear Power Europe, Tim Probert examines the evidence.

Navigating the energy transition

Europe's energy landscape is in a state of transition. The penetration of renewables is gaining pace, throwing doubt on the future role of fossil fuel and nuclear plants and opening the door for the adoption of flexible, on-site power solutions.


The European Parliament is to vote for a second time in early July on reforms to the EU's emissions trading scheme.