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Segolene Royal to take over UN climate presidency

French Environment Minister Segolene Royal is to take over the presidency of the United Nations' climate talks following the resignation of France's former foreign minister Laurent Fabius.

Segolene Royal suggests Tesla factory for Fessenheim nuclear site

French Energy Minister Segolene Royal has revealed that she told Tesla founder Elon Musk that he should build an electric car factory on the site of France's oldest nuclear power plant.

Royal warns EDF to proceed with nuclear plant closure

The French energy minister, Segolene Royal, has warned EDF that it must announce its termination date for the Fessenheim nuclear power plant, despite some dissent from the unions who believe closure represents unnecessary industrial waste.

French greens say Fessenheim closure ‘a presidential promise’

France's Green Party says it has received assurances from President Francois Hollande that the country's oldest nuclear power plant will indeed close in 2017.

French government launches biofuel cogeneration tender

France is set to launch a tender for wood-fired power plants for a total of 50 MW per year for three years.

Montebourg exerts more control over potential Alstom deal

France has taken steps with its national legislation to ensure tighter control over foreign investment, in a move which could impact a potential takeover of Alstom by GE.

Paris geothermal heating progress continues

The Parisian renaissance in geothermal district heating continues, with another neighbourhood in the city set to be heated in this way by winter of next year.

Hollande in U-turn on Fessenheim nuclear plant

French president Francois Hollande has said that the country's oldest nuclear power plant will not be closed by next year, despite pledging that it would shut during his election campaign.

France mulls tax on coal to encourage gas power

The French carbon pricing committee is proposing a tax on coal-fired power plants in order to stimulate a shift towards gas-fired power in order to reduce carbon emissions.

EDF board defy French government on nuclear plant closure

The board of EDF has resisted pressure from the French government to close the country's oldest nuclear power plant, at Fessenheim.