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UK: National Infrastructure Commission calls for 65% renewables by 2030

New research carried out for the UK's National Infrastructure Commission shows that Britain should aim for renewables to meet two-thirds of electricity needs by 2030.

UK launches National Infrastructure Commission

Chancellor George Osborne launched the National Infrastructure Commission on Friday, in an initiative that aims to create a stronger culture of delivery for all vital UK projects, including power generation and energy security.

Lack of infrastructure the biggest threat to hydrogen economy – survey

The lack of infrastructure for hydrogen production, storage and transportation is the greatest challenge to market expansion - DNV survey.

ENGIE and partners commission two solar plants in Senegal

ENGIE, Meridiam and FONSIS have announced the commissioning of two solar PV power plants as part of the Scaling Solar programme with a total production capacity of 60MW.

DNV GL and National Grid developing Great Britain’s offshore wind strategy

National Grid has selected certification body DNV GL as a lead partner in the Offshore Wind Coordination project in Great Britain.

EU Commission proposes new loan facility under Just Transition Mechanism

The European Commission has announced the proposed establishment of a new green loan facility under the Just Transition Mechanism.

Avoiding infrastructure costs with demand side response

Diarmaid Williams speaks with Alex Howard, Origami Energy's head of strategy and solutions, about using demand side response to avoid heavy energy infrastructure costs in the UK

EU Commission approves Greek island power generation loan

The Greek government has been granted approval by the European Commission to financially support the modernisation of power plants on 18 non-interconnected Greek islands. ...

Is Hinkley rethink good or bad for state of UK energy infrastructure?

The decision to postpone approval for Hinkley Point C taken by the government last week is not a stabilising one. British hesitance on the matter seems to contradict assertions that the country remains â€Ëœopen for business' despite leaving the European Union. However, there are reasons to be positive about the new government's likely approach to infrastructure in general and an early nuclear hiccough should not result in foreign investor panic – yet.

Infrastructure Commission calls for UK ‘smart power revolution’

The UK's National Infrastructure Commission has called for a â€Ëœsmart power revolution' in Britain's energy system.