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Troubled Toshiba still ‘committed’ to UK nuclear project

Toshiba remains committed to a UK nuclear power project despite its plan to exit the nuclear plant construction business after posting a $6.3bn loss.  

UK close to deal on guarantee for Europe’s largest nuclear project

Britain's Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne has announced that a preliminary deal has been made to provide a financial guarantee to help fund the development of Europe's largest nuclear power project.

New nuclear build prospects ‘strong’ despite Westinghouse bankruptcy – WNA

The bankruptcy of Toshiba's US nuclear unit, Westinghouse, is unlikely to have a negative effect on new nuclear builds, according to the World Nuclear Association.

Toshiba signs up to majority stake in UK NuGen

Toshiba is to acquire a 60 per cent stake in the NuGeneration Limited's (NuGen) Moorside project in West Cumbria, northwest England.

Nugen plans 3600 MW nuclear plant at Sellafield

NuGeneration, a joint venture between Iberdrola and GDF Suez, plans to build a nuclear power station of up to 3600 MW on land adjacent to the Sellafield nuclear site.

$3.6bn UK grid upgrade stalled by nuclear uncertainty

The decision by nuclear power developer NuGen to postpone development plans for the Moorside power project has had a knock-on effect on substantial grid investment for northwest England.

Kepco beats CGN to bag troubled UK nuclear project

South Korea's Kepco has been chosen as the preferred bidder for a company building a nuclear power plant in the UK. 

UK nuclear project in doubt as Toshiba admits survival at stake

The Moorside nuclear power project in Cumbria, England is in doubt after sole owner Toshiba admitted that it may not survive recent financial losses.

NuGen nuclear project facing uncertainty as Engie exits

Toshiba has announced it will buy out partner Engie's  40 per cent stake in the operator of the proposed NuGen nuclear power project in the UK for $138m after Engie asked for the step under the terms of their contract.

Industry opinion: Flying a kite ” the 100 per cent renewables myth

Why conventional power generation is not the enemy in the fight for a carbon-free future