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Honda to supply Power Manager units for UK energy management demo

Honda Motor Europe has announced it will supply its state-of-the-art Power Manager units as part of the EV-elocity consortium project in the UK. 

Honda begins using on-site wind power in Ohio

Honda Motor company has become the first major automotive factory in the US to get a substantial amount of its energy from on-site wind turbines.

Honda to build wind farm in Brazil to power car plant

Japanese car maker Honda is to build a $49m wind farm in Brazil to power one of its manufacturing plants.

GE equips Honda India with Jenbacher CHP

The Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India (HMSI) Factory is benefiting from the installation of GE's  combined heat and power solutions as it enhances its local energy security.

Honda announces release of new micro combined heat and power system

Honda has announced it will begin sales of a new model for its household MCHP (Micro Combined Heat and Power) gas engine cogeneration unit in November 2012 through gas utilities across Japan.

Cogeneration system forms part of Honda test house demo

Honda Motor Co., Ltd. today unveiled a house Honda built in the city of Saitama, Japan, for the demonstration testing of the Honda Smart Home System (HSHS), which includes a gas cogeneration facility.

BMW and Honda opt for on-site solar power

Carmakers BMW and Honda are fitting on-site solar panels to their production facilities around the world.

Honda and BMW choose on-site renewable power

Honda and BMW are among the latest auto manufacturers to begin incorporating on-site solar electricity generation at some of their facilities.

Micro-CHP comes to North America – devices include gas-fired generators from Honda

Micro-CHP systems designed to serve a single family home are already deployed in the Japanese market and are widely expected to become commercially available in several European countries in the next few years.

Hybrid and electric vehicles and their lubrication challenges

Q8Oils gives an overview of the different engine technologies, the market figures and the lubrication specificities of hybrid and electric vehicles.