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Brexit cuts interconnector use and sends power prices rocketing

Britain's exit from the EU has reduced trading on the electricity interconnectors between Great Britain and Ireland and increased the frequency of extreme prices.

UK-EU Brexit agreement ” cooperation on renewables, trading and markets

The UK-EU â€ËœBrexit' trade and cooperation agreement signals little if any changes to the evolution of the respective energy sectors.

UK interconnectivity with Europe to rise despite Brexit

A new study concludes that Britain's interconnectivity with Europe will more than double in the next three years despite Brexit.

How will Brexit impact British renewables?

The renewables sector will need to look ahead to navigate a clear path through these uncertain months. But how to do that isn't easy, when Brexit is so unprecedented.

Eurelectric demands energy clarity as Brexit day arrives

The UK will leave the EU at 11pm today. After months of uncertainty over when " or even if " it would leave, the...

Study reveals Brexit stalling decarbonization projects

Brexit is stalling hundreds of innovation projects that could help Britain hit its decarbonization goals. That's the conclusion of a new study that covered 400 large...

CBI cites mutual benefit of EU-UK continuity in energy post-Brexit but concerns remain

The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) believes there is mutual benefit to both the EU and UK maintaining as close a relationship as possible post Brexit, but strong concerns remain about funding and membership of Euratom, following Britain's departure.

Gauging the impact of Brexit on the power sector

Negotiations are continuing between Brussels and London, but what does Brexit mean for the electric power sector? Dr Jonathan Marshall, Head of Analysis at the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit (ECIU) spoke to Power Engineering International about the potential up and downsides.

Energy industry calls for close EU-UK cooperation post-Brexit

Energy giants E.ON, RWE, EDF Npower and Aviva are among a coalition of 21 energy giants and top investors who have called on Britain and the EU to maintain close links on energy and climate policy after the UK leaves the bloc.

Confederation of British Industry warns of Brexit threat to energy

The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) has launched its â€ËœSmooth Operations' document, which includes recommendations for the UK government to closely align with EU rules on energy and climate change during the Brexit transition period and beyond in the "clear interest" of both UK and European businesses.