World Energy Council chief says Obama must walk the walk

The Secretary General of the World Energy Council says President Barack Obama must back up the speech he made this week on climate change and the place of renewable power generation with tangible progress.

Christoph Frei told Power Engineering International that “President Obama and other world leaders need to match their rhetoric with action. Right now, global trade in the green goods and services that will fuel the transition to a carbon-free world economy is being hamstrung by tariff and subsidy distortions.

Christoph Frei

“These need to be eliminated if any tangible progress is to be made in tackling climate change.”

Mr Frei says that his organisation will be working with government ministers and industry leaders at the World Energy Congress in September to endeavour to address what he called a difficult issue.

“Bilateral agreements with big emissions countries like China and India can make a real difference. But concerted global and regional action is also needed, which is why we have been working closely with trade organisations on practical solutions to this complex issue.”

“What needs to be done is clear. But time is indeed running out.”

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