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Welsh community wind turbine project back on track

A community wind power project in Wales is set to go ahead after fears that it would be derailed by cuts to the UK‘s feed-in tariff (FiT).

The 900 kW turbine from small wind supplier EWT will be located in Meidrim, a small community in West Carmarthenshire, and is expected to produce around 2100 MWh per year to power 650 households according to non-profit group Community Energy Wales (CEW). The group says it is setting up a community benefit society, YnNi Teg Cyf (Fair Energy Ltd), which will own and operate the turbine.

Initially the turbine was planned to be built by a commercial developer, CEW said, but changes to the FiT meant that it would not have been completed in time to claim the subsidy. à‚ 

When CEW took over the project, its goal was for the turbine to be producing power before the FiT deadline in early August. Construction began in May, and the group says the project is now on schedule.

After commissioning, YnNi Teg will allow community members to become part-owners of the à‚£1.8m ($2.4m) project, with an anticipated return of about 5 per cent. The money raised from the sale of shares will be used to refinance initial loans from Finance Wales and from EWT, CEW said.

The group added that part of the income from the turbine will be used to create a local community fund.