Vestas unveils plans for innovative turbine design

Vestas is looking to challenge conventional thinking with plans for an innovative new wind turbine design.

The new wind turbine aims to use four separate rotors to challenge the assumption that the only way to increase wind power output is to build ever larger turbines.
Vestas multi-rotor wind turbine
The Danish firm announced today it is working with the Technical University of Denmark to install a concept demonstration unit to test the technical feasibility of the multi-rotor design.

Jorge Magalhaes, senior vice president, Vestas Innovation & Concepts, said the company’s goal was to assess if it can build “an even more cost-efficient turbine by challenging the scaling rules” that state turbines have to grow in size to increase energy output.

Onshore wind farm developers are facing a number of challenges as the most attractive sites are developed and several jurisdictions continue to impose planning rules that restrict the use of taller turbines that promise improved yields.

As such, Vestas is hoping the development of a turbine with multiple rotors could make it easier to comply with height restructions, while also addressing installation and transport challenges by reducing the number of foundations, towers, and vehicle movements a project would require.

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