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Vestas to deliver Vietnam’s tallest turbines in Mekong Delta wind project

Danish wind turbine manufacturer Vestas is elevating its status in Vietnam’s energy market, writes Rod Walton.

The company has secured an order for 67 MW of windpower capacity in two projects. Vestas says the turbines ordered will be the tallest in the country with hub heights of about 162 meters (close to 530 feet).

Vestas will supply, transport, install and commission 16 V150-4.2-MW wind turbines. The order also calls for a customized tower solutions raising the hub heights and opening up new wind resources and speeds at the higher level.

“These projects feature the tallest towers in Vietnam and showcases Vestas’ ability to optimize the value proposition for our client and develop site-specific solutions for all wind sites.” said Clive Turton, President of Vestas Asia Pacific.

Vestas will install 67 MW of capacity across two projects in Vietnam

“With the strong traction we are gaining in the country over the last few months, I am confident that we will be playing a big part in the future development of Vietnam’s renewable energy market.”

The project was customized because the site is in a wetland area of the Mekong Delta of southern Vietnam and surrounded by aquaculture shrimp farms. The limited space and complicated infrastructure required specifically engineered transportation and installation solutions, as well as a customized tower crane to reduce hardstand space needed to erect the turbines.

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Wind is of higher speed and consistency the higher turbines go above the standards utility-scale heights of up to 300 feet, according to reports. Many entities, including the US Department of Energy, are exploring the benefits and challenges of high-altitude wind power.


The order also includes a 20-year Active Output Management 5000 (AOM 5000) service agreement. The project and customer are undisclosed at the customer’s request. The projects are planned to achieve commissioning in the third quarter of 2021.

Vietnam is undertaking a number of energy projects with global partners. These include renewables and gas-fired projects that could be fueled from import sites taking in U.S. liquefied natural gas.

Utility-scale wind power, both onshore and offshore, will be part of the Renewables Knowledge Hub at POWERGEN International happening December 8-10 in Orlando, Florida.

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