Vestas signs wind power agreement in Italy

Vestasà‚ OMX: (VWS) has signed a wind farm service agreement in Italy for 268 MW.
Wind power
Vestas has signed with ERG Renew S.p.A a. 15-year service contracts for ten wind power plants in Italy, including 126 units of V90-3.0 MW and V90-2.0 MW wind turbines.

The plants have enough to meet the residential electricity consumption of more than 500,000 persons in Italy and save the environment from about 222,000 tons of CO2 on an annual basis.

Juan Araluce, Chief Sales Officer, Vestas Wind System A/S, and Acting President, Vestas Mediterranean comments: “We are proud of signing these service agreements. They are an evidence of Vestas’ strong service capabilities, cutting edge technology and the ability to provide customers with the highest business case certainty”.

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