Britain is in danger of falling back to the chasing pack, if it is unable to fast track the reforms it needs.

According to the head of utility Scottish Power, Europe’s top offshore wind hub will fall behind other European countries if it’s government fails to stick to its market reform timetable,

“The concern I have for the UK is if we don’t get the details out and make our announcements quickly, there’s the risk the investment goes to Germany or to France,” said Keith Anderson, chief corporate officer at Scottish Power, at a conference in London.

Britain is the world’s top offshore wind market with around 2000 MW installed and plans to become a major hub for offshore wind manufacturing and research, with several global companies such as Spain’s Gamesa already establishing a presence in Britain.

“The problem now is: are people going to be willing carrying on investing in Round 3 (offshore wind) projects if we don’t know the answers to the market review?” Anderson said.

Germany has proposed the involvement of its development bank in funding some of the costs for building offshore wind, and France is close to announcing the outcome of its first offshore wind tender.

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