Roxtec hails free web-based safety tool

International cable and pipe seal provider Roxtec claims its free, web-based tool Roxtec Transit Designer makes it easy for designers and engineers to ensure safety.

Sealing solutions for cable and pipe penetrations are important to protect against a variety of risk factors including fire, gas, water, dust and the risk of explosion.

Roxtec created the design tool to help designers select the most suitable solution and to simplify the process of designing, purchasing and installing multi-cable transits.

“We have more than 10,000 registered users in more than 100 countries. The number is increasing as professionals all over the world realize they can design transits in minutes,” said Roger Johansson, Roxtec executive vice-president.

Users enter cable schedule, sealing requirements, installation preferences and preliminary opening sizes to find the solution they need. The tool helps them filter by application, certificate and requirements, and generates approved 3D models and drawings as well as bills of material and installation instructions.

“Making sure that the team gets it all right from the start is a smart way to reduce project risks in all phases,” said Mattias Persson, application specialist at Roxtec. “There is also a lot of time and money to save by speeding up the entire process.”

He added: “Designers can safely share their work online with project teams anywhere in the world. The tool can also be used offline, as long as the design is finalized online.”

Norvento targets new wind turbine at UK market

Medium-scale wind turbine manufacturer Norvento has unveiled a new model of its nED100 turbine aimed at the UK market.

The re-engineered unit introduces a number of innovations that Norvento says “will simultaneously increase the efficiency of the machine and reduce its up-front and long-term generation costs”.

With a smaller and more compact generator, as well as a lighter, redesigned nacelle and a more efficient 12 metre blade design, the new 100 kW model is designed to enable landowners and commercial users to maximize financial returns and savings in the post-subsidy UK medium wind market.

The launch of the new turbine comes amidst ongoing reductions to feed-in tariff support for onshore wind, which, in conjunction with steadily rising retail electricity prices and falling technology and installation costs, is driving a fundamental shift in the way medium wind projects are deployed in the UK.

The new turbine’s direct drive permanent magnet generator is now lighter and more compact, which Norvento says is tailored to the operational demands of the UK climate. “It maintains the same high performance levels as the original generator, whilst enabling Norvento to use a more traditional nacelle design and a proven direct drive layout, whereby the generator is placed immediately behind the rotor, with a smaller shaft.”

Ivo Arnús, director of UK business development at Norvento, said: “nED100 is the product of extensive research into the UK market, and as the medium wind sector continues to evolve, we’re simply putting into practice a number of lessons learnt from our operational experience to refine a proven design.

“Having reviewed and enhanced our manufacturing process, we’re now able to offer a machine that delivers the same unparalleled performance and efficiency as the existing model at a lower cost.”

Prysmian claims HVDC cable technology ‘breakthrough’

Cable company Prysmian Group is launching what it calls “a breakthrough technology for the development of power transmission grids that will ensure better environmental sustainability, higher electrical performance and lower costs”.

The group has announced the successful development and testing of its new P-Laser 525 kV cable system for high voltage direct current (HVDC) applications.

“This is a significant and important new technology that shapes the progress of HVDC in the cable industry”, said Massimo Battaini, senior vice-president of energy projects.

“We are proud to offer this advanced technology to our customers engaged in developing, extending and upgrading their power grids, while seeking to reduce environmental impacts with solutions that provide them with superior system performance and cost benefit,” he added.

Prysmian said P-Laser is a technology that permits a more efficient cable production with lower environmental impact than traditional XLPE (cross-linked polyethylene). Manufacture is performed in a single and continuous process and does not require chemical reactions to achieve the properties required for the long-term electrical integrity of HVDC insulation systems.

This feature, says Prysmian, gives the benefit of shorter production times and results in both reduced energy consumption as well as lower greenhouse gas emissions.

The company added that P-Laser is particularly suitable for HVDC applications.

Technology Update

Rolls-Royce to showcase portfolio at POWER-GEN Europe

Rolls-Royce will be showcasing its portfolio of power generation solutions at POWER-GEN Europe in Milan.

Products from Rolls-Royce and MTU Onsite Energy include high-speed and medium-speed diesel and gas gensets ranging from 24 to 9400 kWe. The brand MTU Onsite Energy is part of Rolls-Royce Power Systems.

Matthias Vogel, vice-president of power generation at Rolls-Royce Power Systems, said: “At POWER-GEN 2016, we will be showcasing our entire range of high-speed and medium-speed gas and diesel gensets, which we supply from a single source and deliver worldwide from our regional centres.

“Our advanced products are designed to generate load-balancing energy and, due to their accredited capabilities, help to maintain the frequency and voltage stability of the grid.”

Rolls-Royce experts will taking part in the Power-Gen Europe conferences to talk on topics including ‘Intelligent load balancing supports grid stability’ and ‘Requirements for combined heat and power systems demanded by the European Grid Code’.

At POWER-GEN Europe, MTU Onsite Energy is presenting its product portfolio for high-speed gas engine systems up to 2530 kWe and diesel gensets up to 3250 kWe.

A model of a 6-metre container genset will also be on show. Based on the new generation of Series 2000 engines, the genset is fitted with a common rail injection system.

Gamesa in wind turbine software deal with Iberdrola

Gamesa is to install its Energy Thrust software in 54 wind farms operated by Iberdrola, with a total capacity of 1602 MW.

The software boosts turbine efficiency and will be fitted at wind farms in Spain, Portugal, Italy, Hungary, Romania, Greece and Cyprus.

“This contract reinforces our work as technology experts and value-added O&M specialists,” said Xabier Urcelay, director of services at Gamesa.

Gamesa developed Energy Thrust to make its 660 kW, 850 kW and 2 MW platforms more efficient. “By leveraging operational experience and cutting-edge software and hardware, each wind turbine is fully customized, tailored and optimized for its site,” the company said.

The system is endorsed by DNV-GL and is already installed in 1967 turbines in operation in 14 countries.

Using the software means turbine output is increased by up to 5 per cent on average, said Gamesa.

“Energy Thrust enables adaptation of wind turbines to specific site conditions, boosting the volume of power delivered to the grid in all wind conditions,” the company added in a statement.

Exhibition debut for Kelvion at POWER-GEN Europe

At this year’s POWER-GEN Europe in Milan, Kelvion – formerly GEA Heat Exchangers – will exhibit its portfolio to the European power generation industry for the first time under its new name. Visitors will be able to gain information on Kelvion products such as plate, finned-tube, and shell-and-tube heat exchangers.

Kelvion’s areas of application include heat recovery from exhaust gas or steam, supply of district heat from cogeneration plants, steam condensation, preheating of air and feed water, and cooling systems for generators and transformers. In addition, the Kelvion portfolio includes oil coolers for power plant turbines and coolers for closed water cycles.

Many Kelvion heat exchangers feature modular design that the company says “can be easily adapted to individual requirements – which results in low investment costs. Other heat exchangers are, in turn, exactly adapted to specific demand in the sense of minimal life cycle costs, which enhances total plant efficiency.”

Caterpillar unveils new natural gas generator set

Caterpillar has launched a new natural gas generator set.

The Cat G3512 is rated rated for standby power at 750 kW or 1000 kW at 60 Hz.

Caterpillar said that the genset is “ideal for emergency, legally-required or optional standby systems [such as] office buildings, data centres, retail complexes, schools, government buildings, universities and research facilities.

With an updated package design, the G3512 is modelled after the standby diesel solution to minimize installation costs and commissioning time on-site.

Designed for reliability, the engine is built on established 3500 technology and features a design with steel pistons and a protection monitoring system.

Featuring Caterpillar’s new EMCP 4.3 generator set controller, the G3512 easily integrates with building management systems. The expanded set of features also includes complete SR5 generators, gas train, package-mounted radiators and simplified wiring connections.

Mike Yohe, product line management with Caterpillar Energy Solutions, said the genset “checks all the boxes for the standby market segment”.

“This is built upon a robust diesel 3500 platform with a proven track record, and dependability is critical for customers who use these generators during utility outages.”

Schneider Electric launches ‘future-ready’ circuit breakers

Schneider Electric has launched a new range of high power, low-voltage circuit breakers.

The company said the key benefits of the Masterpact MTZ include improved metering to save saving project time and energy usage; improved mechanical and electrical performance, even in harsh environments; and the ability to monitor and control the circuit breaker with a smart phone, even in power outage.

Philippe Delorme, executive vice-president of building & IT business at Schneider Electric, said: “We are redefining power distribution in this new world of energy we live in today and our future-ready Masterpact MTZ is a great proof point of this.