Austrian construction company Strabag has pulled its investment in German offshore wind projects, citing the uncertainty surrounding the sector at the moment.

The company was set to invest millions in production and commissioning of specialist vessels for the transport of gravity-based foundations for the projects.
Hans Peter Haselsteiner
The company’s chief executive Hans Peter Haselsteiner said: “Despite our progress in gravity foundations technology, we have decided to not invest in the construction of plants and special ships for offshore wind for the time being.”

“There are too many reasons against it at this time – from the uncertain legal situation and uncertain future of energy policy on the German market to the lacking storage technology for electricity from renewable sources and the lacking transport possibilities for getting the electricity from the producer to the consumer,” he added.

Despite some good news announced this week on Mitsubishi’s entry into the market and its partnership with TenneT improving the likelihood of transmission objectives being delivered, delays could continue to be an issue.

This makes it extremely difficult for key component manufacturers, such as Strabag, to judge when demand for new technologies, such as gravity-base foundations, will become a reality.

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