Spain targets 1400 MW new wind capacity annually

The Spanish government has set an annual target for installed wind power of 1400 MW between 2013-20, according to a draft regulation sent by the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade to the energy sector regulator CNE.

The ministry aims for 11,200 MW of wind capacity to be installed over the period, giving Spain 35 GW of wind capacity by 2020.

In addition, the ministry has proposed changes to be made to the remuneration system for wind power facilities. The draft sets a rate of €55($74)/MWh should wholesale electricity prices fall below €35/MWh, significantly below the current safety net of €77/MWh.

The Asociaciàƒ³n Empresarial Eàƒ³lica (AEE) criticised the pricing element of the draft legislation. It said: “If passed, it will mark a de facto wind market moratorium.”

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