Prysmian and Dongfang partner on 10 MW mega-turbine prototype

Prysmian Group has been awarded a contract by Dongfang Electric Corporation (DEC) for the supply of cables for DEC’s newest 10 MW offshore wind turbine prototype.

The prototype will be installed in China Three Gorges Corporation’s Xinghuawan wind farm in the Fujian province, and cables will be manufactured in the Group’s plant located in Tianjin, China.

With a development period of over 10 years, the wind power market in China is now going through a phase of strategic transformation in which offshore is becoming increasingly supported by the Chinese government. Therefore, larger capacity turbines are suitable and preferred for China’s Southern and Eastern coastal areas for greater efficiency and lower integrated costs.

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The successful development of this turbine does not only represent a major step ahead for China’s independent R&D capabilities on large-capacity wind turbines, but it is also, and most of all, a milestone for DEC to strategically transition their focus to the offshore market.

The new mega-turbine is the first of this type in Asia and is developed for the offshore wind areas along China’s southeast coast. It is a direct-drive permanent-magnet offshore turbine, able to resist 77 m/s typhoon winds and has a 185 m blade diameter. This turbine can generate 4 GWh of power each year (with 10 m/s wind), reducing coal consumption by 13,000 tons and carbon emissions by 3,500 tons.

“We are very proud to take part in the increasingly strategic transformation of the wind power industry”, stated Francesco Fanciulli, Prysmian group business energy SVP.

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