Partnership to generate on-site wind power for UK hospital

A UK hospital has installed an on-site wind turbine under an interesting business model.

The turbine at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Norfolk (pictured) is expected to generate 1.2 GWh per year, and to save around 500 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

It was provided by renewable power firm Ecotricity under its Business Partnership model, which saw Ecotricity build and install the turbine at its own cost. According to Ecotricity’s website, the company generally also operates and maintains its on-site wind turbines, providing power to the customer at a flat rate.

The company did not disclose specific information on the financial savings the hospital can expect from the new system. à‚ à‚ 

The partnership has also established a à‚£1000 ($1400) community fund, available for each year of the wind turbine’s expected 25-year lifetime and now accepting project applications.

Ecotricity has previously installed on-site power systems under the business partnership model for companies including Ford, Michelin and Sainsbury’s.

The firm’s founder Dale Vince said: ‘Making energy where it’s used is the most efficient way; avoiding the losses and costs of transportation, it’s part of a twenty-first century approach to making and using energy ” it means lower bills and emissions, but it’s also about democratising and decentralizing the energy market in Britain.’

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