Norvento wind facility to serve UK port

Medium-scale wind turbine manufacturer, Norvento, has commenced construction on a 200kW twin turbine site at Shoreham Port on the UK‘s South Coast.
Norvento wind turbine
Once installed, two nED100 100kW turbines will cover the energy needs of the on-site Pump House.

Norvento‘s on-site wind turbines will feed electricity into the Pump House, directly supporting the energy-intensive process of maintaining water levels in the basins of the port, despite changes in the tide. The Pump House requires 475,000kWh of energy per year on average and the turbines will more than cover this demand, producing an average of 555,000kWh per year.

The facility will provide the environmentally conscious EcoPort with a means of further reducing its carbon footprint, alongside extensive financial savings and operational benefits.

As medium-scale wind power begins to achieve grid parity, industrial and agricultural institutions are increasingly relying on the technology to support energy-intensive operations.

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