Medium-scale wind turbine manufacturer Norvento has unveiled a new model of its industry-leading nED100 turbine.

The new unit has been re-engineered with the aim of increasing efficiency of the machine while reducing its upfront and long-term generation costs. 

The new 100kW model has a smaller and more compact generator, as well as lighter, redesigned nacelle and a more efficient 12m blade design and was officially launched at the All Energy 2016 conference in Glasgow on Wednesday.

The new turbine’s direct drive permanent magnet generator is now lighter and more compact, tailored to the operational demands of the UK climate. It maintains the same high performance levels as the original generator, whilst enabling Norvento to use a more traditional nacelle design and a proven direct drive layout, whereby the generator is placed immediately behind the rotor, with a smaller shaft. 
Norvento new model small scale wind
In addition, the optional new 12-metre blade design, optimised for Class III low wind conditions, eliminates the extenders that were deployed on the previous 24-metre rotor model and is lighter and more aerodynamic, boosting efficiency by 3%.

“With this new turbine design, we’re not “reinventing the wheel,”’ said Ivo Arnús, Director of UK Business Development, Norvento.  “nED100 is the product of extensive research into the UK market, and as the medium wind sector continues to evolve, we’re simply putting into practice a number of lessons learnt from our operational experience to refine a proven design. Having reviewed and enhanced our manufacturing process, we’re now able to offer a machine that delivers the same unparalleled performance and efficiency of the existing model at a lower cost.” 

“Ultimately this will support the ambitions of energy intensive users and landowners alike by reducing the overall cost of on-site wind energy generation and thereby maximising the considerable financial benefits it continues to create in the UK market. nED100 gives buyers the opportunity to produce their own electricity at a price cheaper than the one sourced from the grid, enabling them to take a large step towards their energy independence.”

The new nED100 model will be ready to order from May 4 with the first deliveries arriving in Q4 2016. Norvento will be extending a promotional offer during these first months until the end of July that will include a £15,000 discount over the already decreased price.