The Queen Elizabeth Hospital in King’s Lynn, Norfolk, UK has chosen an on-site wind turbine to power its activities after teaming up with green energy supplier Ecotricity.

The new windmill will generate 1.2GWhs of green electricity each year, the equivalent of around 300 homes’ worth of power, throughout its anticipated 25-year lifetime. .
NHS ambulance
Ecotricity, which built the turbine at its own cost, says the hospital will save nearly 500 tonnes of CO2 a year and reduce its energy bills, but the firm would not disclose specific information on the financial savings expected generated by the new system.  

Ecotricity founder Dale Vince said: “Energy Partnerships are about working with our customers to make energy where they use it and sharing the benefits of green energy with them.

“Making energy where it’s used is the most efficient way; avoiding the losses and costs of transportation, it’s part of a 21st century approach to making and using energy – it means lower bills and emissions, but it’s also about democratising and decentralising the energy market in Britain.

Edie reports that local residents will also benefit from the turbine through a £1,000 community fund, available for each year of the windmill’s operation, which is now open to applications.

The windmill is also the latest in a series of NHS energy efficiency programmes which are helping to shrink costs and reduce emissions.