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New Italian ‘smart city’ to feature trigeneration system

Cogeneration facilities are to form part of the plan as Genoa in northern Italy announced plans to spend €60m ($78m) to create a ‘smart city’ with a green energy and building refurbishment.

The program is part of an €11bn European subsidy scheme to develop clean energy and reduce carbon emission in 30 major cities across Europe.

The Port Authority of Genoa Environmental Energy Plan includes drawing energy from wind turbines located offshore from the city, equipping port buildings with solar roof panels and a plant capable of drawing energy from wave motion, reports Property Investor Europe.

Further measures include the inclusion of cogeneration and trigeneration systems, energy efficient refurbishment of public buildings, lighting changes and creating innovative technology to increase the efficiency of cargo handling. Works have begun on the electrification of the docks so that ships under repair can power down auxiliary engines, saving 10,000t. CO2 per year.

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