Ming Yang wind turbine certified for international markets

A Chinese-made wind turbine has been certified to international standards, certification body TàƒÅ“V Rheinland has announced.

Global top-ten wind OEM Ming Yang’s 2 MW turbine has now received type certification according to the IEC 61400-22:2010 standard.

The MY121-2.0MW turbine has a 120.4-metre rotor and a hub height of 90 metres. The company says it is suitable for low wind conditions.

TàƒÅ“V Rheinland said the certification project was undertaken in co-operation with China General Certification (CGC), the leading certification body in the Chinese market, and was completed in 18 months.

The type certification process includes demonstrating that a turbine’s manufacture, installation, operation and maintenance align with the design specification.

Ming Yang, China’s largest private wind turbine manufacturer, runs R&D offices in Asia, Europe and North America and aims to grow its business in overseas markets.

Matthias Laatsch, TàƒÅ“V Rheinland’s head of wind energy, said the project had “confirmed our expertise and capability as a global certification body in the wind energy industry” and that its “local presence on site allowed us to complete the certification project with optimal processes in the customer’s interest”. à‚ 

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