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MHI Vestas secures turbine contract for Scotland’s largest offshore project

Seagreen Wind Energy Ltd has finalised the turbine supply contract with MHI Vestas Offshore Wind for 114 turbines for Scotland’s largest offshore wind farm.

The Seagreen project, which will be Scotland’s single largest source of renewable energy when complete, has today finalised the firm order for 114 V164-10 MW turbines, to be installed off the coast of Fife in 2021. Seagreen will be built out to 1,075 MW capacity.

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The contract will see MHI Vestas manufacture and install turbines at the 1,140 MW Seagreen site, its fourth project in Scotland. MHI Vestas has also signed a service and maintenance agreement at the project for a period of 15 years.

John Hill, Seagreen Project Director, said: “We’re delighted to have finalised the turbine supply contract with MHI Vestas for the 114 turbines for installation at Seagreen offshore wind farm. We are looking forward to using the proven offshore turbine technology of MHI Vestas to harness the power of North Sea wind to provide new green energy for Scotland and the UK. The conclusion of this contract is yet another step towards realising the project and the construction of what will be Scotland’s largest offshore wind farm.”

The Seagreen project has been under development since 2010, when it was part of the award to exclusive development rights for the Firth of Forth Zone of the UK’s Round 3 offshore wind farm development programme.

Seagreen will provide around 5,000GWh annually of clean renewable energy, supplying the energy needs of around one million homes and saving around 1.6 million tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions annually.

“We are very pleased to have secured the firm order for turbine supply at Seagreen, which is the largest project under development in Scotland,” said Henrik Jensen, Chief Sales Officer at MHI Vestas. “We have been able to reach this milestone even during Covid-19, with major decisions being taken over videoconference. It is encouraging to see that, even in these challenging times, the offshore wind industry can collaborate as a pioneering force driving the world towards a green recovery.”

Julian Brown, UK Country Manager at MHI Vestas, noted: “The Seagreen contract will further secure the presence of MHI Vestas in the UK with service operations based in Scotland serving the project and blades supplied from the Isle of Wight blades manufacturing facility. The project will be supported by our technician apprenticeship programme based in Scotland and provides further opportunities for the development of the UK supply chain, delivering sustainable and high-value jobs in offshore wind. We look forward to working with our partners across Scotland and the northeast to build and install the 114 turbines at Seagreen.”

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