GE (NYSE: GE) will make the first European installation of its 1.6-100 turbine at a wind farm in Turkey.

The company will fit 31 of the turbines – which it claims offers the highest efficiency of any in its class – at Fina Enerji’s Tayakadin wind project in Istanbul, which will supply enough electricity for more than 14 000 Turkish households.

The 50 MW Tayakadin project supports the Turkish government’s plans to increase the country’s wind energy production to 20 000 MW by 2023. Turkey has one of the most favorable locations in Europe for wind development, with a potential generation capacity of about 48 000 MW. Much of that potential remains untapped, as the country’s existing wind farms produce about 1800 MW.

Fina Enerji already two wind farms in Izmir and Hatay with a combined capacity of 87.5 MW.