Gamesa installs upgrade to cut wind turbine OPEX by 10 per cent

Gamesa is to install its new Gamesa Premium Availability (GPA) maintenance product to raise availability on nine wind farms in France and Spain with total capacity of 192 MW where the company holds O&M contracts.

GPA is designed to cut operating expenses (OPEX) by up to 10 per cent, raising the availability of the firm’s 2 MW turbines up to 99 per cent to make its G8X-2.0 MW fleet and new G9X-2.0 MW platform more competitive.

The new product is being built into all new Gamesa wind turbines and into the existing fleet through specific upgrade packages. Gamesa expects GPA to be definitively certified by GH & DNV this autumn.

Gamesa international O&M team maintains 14 GW for more than 130 customers. The company’s initiatives target maximizing energy output, boosting availability and cutting O&M expenses to lower energy costs by 20 per cent by 2013 and by 30 per cent over the next five years.

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