The UK’s energy secretary and three of his top aides were branded a “disgrace” and accused of talking “gobbledygook” when they appeared in front of the government’s Energy and Climate Change Committee today.

Ed Davey was giving evidence alongside the Department of Energy and Climate Change’s Permanent Secretary Moira Wallace, its Director General of Energy Markets Simon Virley and Phil Wynn Owen, Director General of International Climate Change and Energy Efficiency.

After almost two hours of the hearing – which was to examine the progress and priorities of DECC – committee member and MP John Robertson said: “I have never heard so much gobbledygook coming from four people.

“The way you have not answered questions is an absolute disgrace.”

Robertson was dissatisfied with the answers given to the committee on a range of topics, including the time when cuts to wind subsidies would be announced, bids for CCS projects in the UK and projected savings from the installation of smart meters.

“We are trying to get to the root of things,” he said, “and you have used unbelievable clichés and phrases for not answering any questions. The way you have conducted yourselves has not done you any favours.”

There was no comeback to Robertson’s comments from Davey or his colleagues.