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Enel Russia to develop renewables in Republic of Tatarstan

Enel Russia has signed in absentia an agreement on cooperation aimed at the development of renewable energy projects in the Republic of Tatarstan.

In a statement, the energy utility noted that the agreement with the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Republic of Tatarstan will continue collaboration with regards to further development and implementation of the future renewable projects.

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The Government will continue to provide administrative support in the development of the wind projects, including assistance with the land, grid connection and examination of the future possibility to recognise the projects as the regional important ones in the Republic of Tatarstan.

In particular, the company and the Government will concentrate their efforts in the Kamsko-Ustyinsky, Verkhneuslonsky, Atninsky, Yelabuzhsky and Chistopolsky Districts of the Republic of Tatarstan.

This agreement further reinforces the intention of the company to develop wind projects in the region following signing in April 2019 of another renewable energy treaty according to which the parties are jointly studying the opportunities for the development of renewable energy. 

The activities will be performed through Enel Green Power Rus, a local branch of Enel Green Power, the Enel Group’s company dedicated to the development, construction and operation of renewables across the world. 

“The Republic of Tatarstan has an enormous potential in renewables with its abundant natural resources. With the expertise and leadership of the Enel Group’s renewable energy business line, Enel Green Power, we are willing to contribute to the development of RES projects in the region and further promote its more sustainable energy mix,” says Carlo Palasciano Villamagna, Enel Country Manager in Russia.

The Agreement envisages that the actual implementation of the wind farm construction projects depends on whether the renewable energy support programme is extended by the Government of the Russian Federation for the period of 2025-2035. The document was signed in absentia due to the coronavirus pandemic spread worldwide.

PJSC Enel Russia is currently implementing three wind projects under of State programme of power delivery contract for electrical power generation based on renewable energy sources for the wholesale market: Azov Wind Farm (90 MW), Kola Wind Farm (201 MW) and Rodnikovskaya wind farm (71 MW).

Enel Russia’s overall investment in the three facilities amounts to approximately EUR495 million, underscoring the company’s major commitment to energy mix diversification through zero-emission technologies. This investment is in line with the Enel Group’s overall target to fully decarbonise its generation mix by 2050.

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