Eltek Valere to supply 30 DC power systems for offshore turbines

Eltek Valere has received an order to supply 30 DC industrial power systems to a major European offshore wind farm in the North Sea, said the Norway-based company.

Each turbine installation will have both a 24V and 48V DC power system and auxiliary system to power emergency lighting and emergency escape route lighting systems; the cathodic corrosion protection system; the loading crane on the maintenance platform; and the radar container.

“This contract represents a significant milestone for Eltek Valere’s industrial power,” said Lars Dousa, Eltek Valere’s executive vice-president responsible for industrial power.

He described the project as “an important reference for future wind farms” that need “sophisticated and highly reliable power solutions”.

Eltek Valere has a long history in supplying power solutions for control of power generation, transmission and distribution equipment, including renewable energy. The company describes its industrial power division as an important and fast-growing segment.

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