Dongfang Turbine to produce 7.5 MW offshore wind turbines

With China’s offshore wind power capacity on track to hit 30 GW by 2020, Dongfang Turbine has announced that it will mass produce 7.5 MW offshore wind turbines.

Wang Bing, deputy director of Dongfang Turbine’s Wind Power Division, said the company can commercially manufacture 7.5 MW units but 10 MW units were not yet feasible in China “with current investment”.

“The 10 MW unit is not difficult to achieve if investment is sufficient,” he added.

At the end of 2010, Dongfang had 3000 units in operation at 72 wind farms in China.

Figures from the Global Wind Energy Council indicated that China’s investment in wind power rose by 28 per cent last year to $7.8bn. Total inland and coastal installed capacity in China reached 44.7 GW.

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