Delivery complete for Twentyshilling Wind Farm’s 57 metre blades

turbine delivery to Twentyshilling Wind Farm
Image credit: Collett & Sons Ltd

Collett & Sons have completed all wind turbine component deliveries to Twentyshilling Wind Farm, located approximately 4.8km south of Sanquhar, in Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland.

In June 2021, Collett began transporting the nine Vestas V117 turbines from King George V Dock.

According to Collett, each of the components for each complete turbine, the three towers sections, three blades, nacelle, drive train and hub, required specialist transport logistics for the 170 mile journey to site.

After surveying the route in detail, Collett identified several necessary route modifications.

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One such modification included a turning head at Eliock Bridge to ensure that the vehicles could safely turn around off the main road and complete the right turn on the approach to site.

Image credit: Collett & Sons

The Collett Team used super wing carriers to transport the 57 metre, 14.9 tonne blades. For the 25 metre long bottom and 26 metre middle towers, with weights of 67 and 44.5 tonnes respectively, Collett utilised specialist clamp trailers, whilst the remaining components, the top towers, nacelle, drive trains and hubs were transported using 5 and 6 axle step-frame trailers.

All components for the blades, tower sections, nacelles and drive train travelled under Collett and Police escorts.

The 38MW Twentyshilling Wind Farm is expected to be fully operational in 2022, according to Collet.

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