ConocoPhillips storage deal

14 April 2010– General Compression, Inc. (GC) has signed an agreement with ConocoPhillips to develop compressed air energy storage projects, beginning with a pilot project in Texas, using GC’s Advanced Energy Storage (GCAES) technology.

GCAES is a 2 MW modular compressor and expander unit that is designed to not use fuel or emit carbon. The technology works by using excess electricity from wind farms or off-peak grid power to compress air and deliver it to underground storage caverns. When the power is needed to meet peak demands, it works in reverse to expand the air and turn it into electricity without burning any fuel. It has a roundtrip electrical efficiency of at least 70 percent.

GC and ConocoPhillips are looking into a multiple-phase pilot project in Texas that would use GCAES technology with wind energy, underground air storage and power generation.

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