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Clir Renewables selected to optimise Africa’s largest wind farm

Kenya-based renewable energy company Lake Turkana Wind Power has partnered with energy solutions firm Clir Renewables to enhance its wind farm performance tracking.

Clir Renewables will analyse data from each of Lake Turkana’s 365 turbines in the context of available resource, geospatial features, and nearby turbines. 

Machine learning data analytics will be leveraged to see through the ‘noise’ of resource fluctuation and identify any instances of underperformance and their causes.

Data generated from the analysis will be used to help Lake Turkana Wind Power (LTWP) to increase annual energy production, monitor asset health and manage technical financial risk. 

Clir’s team will further use this analysis to compare individual asset performance at a project, portfolio, and industry level, with insights shared with all project stakeholders via Clir’s reporting function.

LTWP’s flagship 310MW wind farm has been sited in a region in Kenya with consistently strong, unidirectional winds. With the wind farm now operational, LTWP has turned its focus on ensuring that the wind farm is able to take full advantage of this optimal resource, and, ultimately deliver consistent, high yield returns for its investors.

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Optimising renewable energy generation at the wind farm will help Kenya to move closer to its energy transition goal whilst reducing energy costs and carbon emissions.

David O’Hare, Director, Europe, Clir said: “Lake Turkana is a particularly unique project ” it’s the first of this scale in Africa and has been developed to take advantage of some of the best conditions for consistent energy production. Having worked across a number of large-scale, unique projects around the world, we are keen to leverage our wide-ranging experience to assess Lake Turkana’s current performance and potential gains.

“We are delighted to provide access to our industry-leading analytics and the team’s global expertise in support of LTWP as it realises the full potential of this project and the region’s incredible resource, both in terms of energy generation and resulting returns – a share of which we are delighted to see has been committed to the company’s corporate social responsibility arm, the ‘Winds of Change Foundation’.”