China to add 25+ GW of wind power per year for 10 years

China is set to add over 25 GW of wind power capacity per year in the next ten years, new analysis has predicted.

In its China Wind Power Outlook report for 2017, renewables analysis firm MAKE Consulting said that China is expected to add 403 GW of new wind power by 2026.

The nation installed 23 GW of wind capacity in 2016, the report found, bringing its total installed capacity to 168.7 GW. The numbers for the year were down from 2015’s record-breaking 30.5 GW, due partly to a drop in investment in response to curtailment issues. à‚ 

China’s ongoing problem with curtailment is expected to slow new wind installations to under 25 GW until around 2020, MAKE said, but subsequently they are expected to pick up.

In an effort to address the curtailment issue through a so-called ‘traffic light’ alert system similar to thatà‚ put in place early last yearà‚ for newà‚ coal-firedà‚ power projects, the National Energy Administration has warned regions where curtailment is high and further investment is counter-indicated. So far red alerts have been issued for Jilin, Heilongjiang, Gansu, Ningxia and Xinjiang provinces.

But despite these issues China is pressing ahead with wind power development, targeting 420 TWh by 2020 and introducing aà‚ green certificateà‚ scheme.

So far in 2017, China’s installed wind capacity is ahead of last year’s Q1 numbers by 13 per cent.

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